Coasteering is a young sport born a few years ago on the British and Irish coasts. It uses materials and techniques of progression similar to those of canyoning. You could say that it is a barranquista game in landscapes of cliffs, beaches, stones, islets, etc.
In a coasteering tour, we will use techniques such as rappelling and handrails, we will jump, swim, snorkel, make simple climbs and explore caves and marine canyons. In short, a different activity, refreshing and fun to discover unique corners of the coast of Llanes.

The via ferratas are mountain routes that run through generally aerial terrain, such as walls and rocky ridges or inclined slopes, and can connect by hanging bridges or zip lines, different areas of a mountain.

These « iron roads » are equipped with cable and steel rungs. By means of a harness, helmet and a dissipating belt (security element that joins us to the cable and would stop and cushion an eventual fall) we can «hook» the cable and start this stairway, hanging bridges and handrails on the heights.
It is a stimulating activity and an authentic adventure, which allows us to discover new sensations and perspectives of seeing the mountain in an affordable and simple way.

Canyoning in Asturias
Canyoning is a sport that consists of descending along the river bed and through the canyon areas using the technical material and the appropriate progression techniques such as rappelling, jumping, swimming, climbing, handrails or slides.
The abundance of descents in the north of the peninsula, and in Asturias in particular, makes this an ideal area for the practice of this discipline, with descents of all kinds and difficulty, all located in spectacular environments of great natural value.

Playa de Toró
Un paisaje cubierto de curiosas rocas puntiagudas y arena
Toró es fácilmente reconocible en cualquier imagen. Su conjunto de rocas puntiagudas en medio de una playa de arena blanca la convierten en única. Esas formaciones con forma de pináculo salpican tanto la costa como el mar.
Este arenal está situado muy cerca de la villa de Llanes, por lo que es un centro turístico de referencia. Tiene accesos a pie y en coche, un aparcamiento y todos los servicios y los equipamientos necesarios para disfrutar de una jornada de playa. El oleaje es moderado así que el baño no es peligroso.

Observaciones: Paisaje Protegido Costa Oriental